Social and mobile media are transforming everyday life for diverse people and communities, often in surprising ways. Yet communication technologies are also the products of the people and places that produce them, and reflect particular ways of understanding the world. As an anthropologist of social media and other emerging technologies, I study how culture shapes technology and how technology shapes culture.  I have conducted research in Berlin, Amsterdam, Silicon Valley, and elsewhere on how users connect at local, national, and transnational levels on social and mobile media platforms, and how their connections are reshaping everyday experiences of place.

In my ongoing work, I study transnational connections, identity, and selfhood on social and mobile media. I am particularly concerned with how emerging technologies facilitate accepted understandings of social connection, mobility, and personhood, in ways that are reshaping urban space.

On this website, you can view my resume or download my complete CV (kraemer_CVS17), read my recent publications (please email me if you’d like copies for personal use), and keep up with my updates. Follow me on Twitter (@jordanisme) or contact me at jordan @ jordankraemer.com.