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An anthropologist of emerging media, I study urban space, social class, and placemaking online. My upcoming book, Mobile City (in contract at Cornell UP), details mobile and social media practices among an emerging “creative class” in Berlin between 2007-2015. 

I’ve conducted ethnographic research in Berlin, the U.S., and other parts of Europe on how young, mobile users connect at multiple geographic levels on Facebook and mobile phones. These connections are reshaping everyday experiences of space and place by reconfiguring spatial scales such as the local, translocal, or global.

My latest research includes two projects, Terra Incognita, with Dr. Mona Sloane, on digital publics during COVID-19 in NYC, and Divergent Spaces, an SSRC-funded original fieldwork study of digital platforms, gentrification, and neighborhood organizing.

I also write and speak about how urban middle classes take shape in the context of increasing precarity and the casualization of labor. I have written essays about the cultural rather than economic anxieties of the white middle class in the U.S., the invisible labor of academic precarity, the unpaid digital labor of content creation, and how social media merged with news reading, and presented on issues of identity and representation in ethnographic research.

Currently, I teach courses on queer and feminist studies of science and technology at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering. I also consult as an ethnographic researcher, including with Implosion Labs for the ADL on trolling & cyberharassment, and most recently, for Civic Signals on mapping NYC’s digital public spaces during COVID19.

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