Speaking at XX+UX at Tumblr in December!

Excited to be on a panel at Tumblr HQ on designing social spaces free from harassment:

XX+UX @ Tumblr: Designing and Fostering Safe Online Communities



Haters, trolls, bots, and fake news sites are gaming social media platforms for their own advantage and driving away people who want to participate in positive, constructive dialogue. At Tumblr, we’ve been cautious about introducing new modes of communication—but at what cost?

How can social platforms and media publishers create a forum for free and open communication while protecting the participants from bad actors? How can product designers design systems that encourage good behavior and allow for effective, impartial moderation?

Join us Tuesday at Tumblr HQ for a panel discussion with community trust and safety experts, designers, and academics on these issues and strategies for building platforms that enable positive, productive conversations online.

Can’t wait? Ask or vote on questions ahead of time